How to feel more comfortable in your skin

How to feel more comfortable in your skin

One of the toughest things to do is feeling comfortable in your skin. It is easy to put yourself down and feel inadequate especially when you are with people whose lights seem to shine brighter than yours. However, you have to move beyond your negative thoughts and love yourself for who you are. Here are tips on how to feel comfortable in your skin:

Don’t seek validation from others and work out your confidence every day

It is a dangerous thing to be waiting for other people to validate your existence, find your treasures in yourself, not in what other people say. If you live for what others say, you will become a people-pleaser and this will deny you of happiness and fulfilment. You can never fully please anyone; it’s futile to want to do so. Also, work out your confidence every day. At different levels, no one has it all made. Force yourself to be comfortable in your skin till you are comfortable for real. You have to go out of your comfort zone to discover the strength you never thought you have. Don’t fake who you are, but put a foot in front of the other every day.

Build your self-worth and self-awareness

Work on building your self-worth and that requires a lot of efforts from you. The more you do this, the more you overcome feelings of insecurity, guilt and self-doubt. Focus on internal changes you can drive and not on external solutions. Additionally, be aware of yourself. This allows you to be more confident. Know who you are. Identify the good, the bad and the exceptional in you and work on them. Never judge yourself. You are more valuable than you think. One of the ways to build your self-worth is to always dress well. You will be addressed the way you are dressed. If you are looking for good clothing that will suit you, you should consider contacting I Saw It First contact number to see if they can help you with the right clothing that will improve your self-worth. You should also invest your time, effort and money on fitness activities. You could read Fitness Companies’ reviews to know the right wear you will need for your exercises and where to buy them.

Accept yourself and love yourself

As you build your self-awareness, learn to accept yourself. Accept all you have discovered about yourself; if you don’t, you won’t move forward. You won’t be encouraged to refine the ugly things you have discovered about yourself. If your self-acceptance game is on point, you will be comfortable in your skin no matter what happens. Try not to be harsh on yourself as well. Make mistakes, learn the lessons and laugh about them all. Don’t punish yourself, instead, be compassionate to yourself. If you can get the action out of your head, speak soothing words of love and forgiveness to drown the voice in your head.

Don’t use social media as a template to live your life and surround yourself with positivity

It is quite a battle to be comfortable in your skin when social media constantly bombards you with images of achievements of people younger than you, “perfect” body models, expected results, etc. You should not allow culture and media to determine the way you feel about yourself. Make your own rules and live by them. Also, surround yourself with positive people. Their energy does a lot of good for your psyche. Experience positive things and be in positive environments. Don’t be afraid to cut off toxic relationships.


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