Dangerous Workouts for Pregnant Women

Dangerous Workouts for Pregnant Women

Perhaps you’ve learned of the advantages of exercising during pregnancy: more sleep, more energy and stamina, and a lighter mood. For example, it is excellent for you to take walks or swim. But when you are pregnant, some exercises aren’t a good idea. Knowing the difference will help save both you and your growing baby.

Avoid Sports or Exercise That Involve Altitude Change

Unless you already live at high altitudes, avoid any activity that takes you up over 6,000 feet. On the flip side, scuba diving, which puts your baby at risk of decompression sickness, should be off-limits, so wait for your next dive until you are no longer pregnant.

Hot Yoga or Exercise in Super-Hot Weather

Any exercise or environment that increases your body temperature above 1.5 degrees F should be avoided as it causes blood to shun away from your uterus and skin as your body tries to cool off. That means also staying away from saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs.

Workout to Lose Weight

You can be 25-35 pounds heavier, depending on your pre-pregnancy weight. This can be not easy to accept, both emotionally and physically, but you need to remain calm. If you keep to a healthy meal course, the gain in weight during pregnancy is a sign of healthy development for your baby.

Excessive stretching or rebounding

Pregnancy isn’t the time to force your yoga practice. Holding your breath during pregnancy is not the best. You and your baby both need constant oxygen flow. Also, after the first trimester, motionless standing can restrict blood flow, so avoid these types of yoga (like a tree, or extended hand to big toe) and tai chi motions.

Contact Sports

Rough-and-tumble sports such as soccer, basketball, and ice hockey come with a high risk of stomach knockouts. After your first trimester, avoid these sports, when your belly begins to get bigger.

Likewise, it is best to avoid jumping, hopping, and abrupt, jerky movements (except as long as you are relaxed and can easily maintain your balance).

Making Exercise Modifications

If your favorite sport or exercise appears on the “don’t list” above, and you still wish to carry on. Let your physician instruct you on how to change your workout, so your baby is healthy. Or look for recommendations on Iherb and check for more reviews on Norskeanmeldelser on things to note before making exercise modifications. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Reduce Intensity: Rather than sprinting around the track, go for a brisk walk or a light jog. Look for a prenatal yoga class, instead of hot yoga.
  • Shorten Your Workouts: As your pregnancy progresses, you may fatigue faster. Break up your exercise into smaller sessions to save energy. If you are unable to go for a 30-minute stroll, take many 10-minute walks all day long.

With these modifications, during pregnancy, you have many ways of exercising, which are suitable for you and the health of your child. Let your midwife or physician guide you before heading out to the gym or field. Go ahead then, and move on!

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